Welcome to UIHRO

  • UIHRO is an independent, non-profitable and non-governmental organization registered under social welfare act 1961 in Pakistan.
  •  UIHRO playing a vital role against human rights violations on grass root level since its creation. Human Rights Monitoring, Human Rights Education, sustainable development, research and human rights awareness through national, international conferences, workshops and seminars is the major agenda of UIHRO.
  •  UIHRO promote and protect the basin fundamental human rights of the masses declared in the universal charter of human rights of United Nations to build a global village of lasting peace, social, and economic justice and development for the 21st century.
  •  United International Human Rights Organization (UIHRO) wants to target the youth and to motivate them to adopt a positive and constructive approach and mobilize their creative energies to remain in Pakistan to serve their country, to work for promotion of human right, social Justice, Social Peace, Stability and public order. The older generation as the responsibility to inspire and to motivate the youth and to guide them to accept the challenge of peace, social justice, economic development and protection of human rights.

Director Message


 Humanity faces grave challenges today. The threat of terror is real and immediate. Yet fear of terrorists can never justify adopting their methods. Nor can we be complacent about the broader prevalence of cruel and inhuman punishment, which in so many of our societies disproportionately affects the most vulnerable people: the imprisoned, the politically powerless and the economically deprived. Instead, we must respond to this evil wherever we find it by reaffirming humanity’s most basic values.

  • COME let us recommit ourselves to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and let us Rededicate ourselves to wiping the scourge of torture from the face of the earth.

Director Activities

  • Poet. Malik Abid Raza Wagi, a dynamic young man, who has been doing dedicated social work by mobilizing young men and women from various parts of the country. He want run a NGO for all his life for just human rights he rededicates his life for just humanity, which is duly registered under the name “UNITED International Human Rights Organization” (UIHRO). He is the Senior Vice president and Director of this organization, which has established many branches in various districts of Pakistan in all the four provinces, with its head office in Islamabad.
  • Under his leadership UIHRO rendered various valuable voluntary services to the Afghan Refugees and displaced persons during emergencies like the disastrous earthquake of 2005 but that time he didn’t made this organization he was serving people by himself. The NGO has a unique feature that has not accepted any financial support from any foreign organization and is run on purely domestic and self help basis. That’s why Mr. Malik Abid Raza made this NGO for help more needy peoples in Domestic level